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Here we provide Black Forest APK V 1.0 for Android 4.1+ Unearth dark secrets of a lost age in 3D multiplayer online sword & sorcery adventure. Explore ancient ruin and temple halls and galleries, delve cold forbidding dungeons, and battle creatures of nightmare. Start by honing your blade or spell craft traversing the Black Forest, acquiring lost artifacts from the sites it harbors. Then continue to the misty Siren Marsh, icy Arawn Ruins, and fiery Dragon Pass. Choose the cold steel Fighter track or the dark Sorcery track, or try both! New content is regularly added and ultra high resolution graphics take advantage the newest devices.

'The night surrounds you. A lost wind from the north moans among bare trees hiding winged forms. Now the forest through which you pass falls away to a torch lit trail. Headstones poke out of a sea of murk like tiny islands as you approach a forgotten graveyard of the wolf's wood, a particularly wild area of the Black Forest. The chill air, rusting and bending tree limbs like living things, is heavy with a low mist and hints of the musky order of Siren Marsh some distance to the north. Beyond that is the great wall, on top of which lay the icy ruins of Altock.'

Fighter – 'You move down the trail in effortless silence, without a twig snap to betray your presence. Shunning the dark arts, you learned early to glide through the deepest and most tangled thicket as noiselessly as a spider on a web, your catlike stride easily covers great distances, and your keen senses allow you to stalk enemies from signs on the rockiest of surfaces. The brunt of your charge can stun your foe into submission, and you can go into a deadly berserk rage when pressed. With these skills and your naked broadsword, you approach a soft light below . . .'

Sorcerer – 'You pause briefly, preparing your spells for what is to come. Through endless study of thick tomes in your youth, you mastered the rituals to weave elemental energies. Now you can twist and reshape reality to summon minions and call terrible forces to serve your purpose, allowing you to avoid raw hand-to-hand combat. With these arts ready to call on at will, you approach a soft light below . . .'

Supported languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Korean and Italian.
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This is a good game but not too addictive, well worth trying.
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