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Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win is an endless runner in 3D, in which you control one of the two stars from the movie Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Each of them runs on the streets of a city, right in the middle of the road and in between the traffic, for some reason.

Are you waiting for the ultimate showdown? Now you’ll be able to find out who wins this battle for the ages. In Vatman v Superman Who Will Win, you must make your way through a dynamic environment, collect special powerups, and battle your foe. Will the caped crusader come out on top?

The controls are the usual ones in the genre: you can slide to the sides to change lanes, slide upwards to jump, and downwards to slide on the ground. You have to dodge cars and other obstacles that get on your way, since apparently they are too much for these famous superheroes to handle.

As usual in this genre, you have to pick up all the coins you can get, which in this case have the shape of the movie’s logo. You can then use these coins to upgrade your characters’ skills and stats.

Batman vs Superman: Who Will Win is not an exciting endless runner, it’s not particularly original or even well optimized. The graphics are its only strength, which are pretty striking, with cool effects here and there.

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Editors Notes
There are no annoying ads to deal with. You also won't have to contend with oppressive in-app requests or options. It has a small footprint and loads up quickly. As promotional/marketing games go, this one is well built, with good graphics and high quality sound effects and in-game audio.
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Changelog / What's New in V1.1
Region Specific Movie Information New Turkish Language Performance fixes and improvements to movement sensitivity.