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Arts and Culture is an app developed by Google Cultural Institute, in collaboration with hundreds of museums and cultural organizations from around the globe. Its main purpose is to bring culture to anyone with an Android and an Internet connection.

From Arts and Culture’s main page, you can look at the works of some of the most important artists in history: from Frida Kalho to Katsushika Hokusai and Van Gogh. You can read their biographies and, of course, see all their works in order, which include high quality images and all the information needed to understand their work.

Now Google has given us a way to view art from within the palm of our hand. With Arts & Culture, we explore artworks and artifacts from over 850 museums and archives. Don’t have access to a local museum? Well just pick up your mobile device. This is an arts & culture learning tool you won’t want to put down.

Looking at the work of the most important artists in history is just one of the features that Arts and Culture offers. Another very interesting feature lets you go on virtual visits to more than 80 museums and places of cultural interest. You can turn around 360 degrees and move around freely, as if you were using Google Street View, but this time inside some of the most interesting museums on the planet.

Arts and Culture is an app with invaluable educational value that gives you quick, convenient, and free access to a practically infinite cultural resource. It’s absolutely essential for people who love art … and even more essential for those who don’t yet.

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This is a really innovative concept in an app. There is a lot of content and information available within the app. The app has a lightweight design and a small footprint. It also loads up quickly and provides a reasonable level of functionality.
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