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I was ok with this game until they started all this oh no not the ugly tan talk… me it really sounded like subliminal racism and i don’t appreciate any game that would sound like it is incorporating that kind of messaging. Little kids play this game. Y’all are gonna have little kids ruining around talking about how ugly tan people are the enemy. Great job. You could have used any color in the spectrum but no you wanna use something that relates to the hated of the real world. They look more gold then anything. Congrats on being assholes! Here we provide Army Men Strike V 2.3.1 for Android 2.3.4++ -Over 3,000,000 Downloads!-
Thanks to your support, we now share the cheerfulness and joy with millions of players all over the world!

-Player Comments-
Play like a child, fight like a man – steveNNN
You're never too old to play with little green soldiers – Hakar
No childhood war has been won without green army men – Iggy
The best warriors of our childhood – yvanuria19

Time can change many things, but not everything. Take a time travel to your dearest childhood and continue your unfinished adventure! Lead your green army men, remote-control planes, rubber ducks, transformers and many other toys to defend your bedroom, hallway, living room and backyard against the invasion of the Evil Legion!

Lilliputian World:
• Build Headquarters in your bedroom, use your moneybox as the treasury, transport resources with your little train, and collect metal with magnets. Every houseware has its unique function here!
• Fight the enemies in the kitchen, the living room and even the bathroom! The beautiful and lively battlefields will make war interesting and fun!

Grow Your Army:
• Design and assemble ultimate battle robots to strike out at your enemies!
• Recruit the elite toys as heroes to lead your army!
• Upgrade and promote your flamethrowers, snipers, tanks, artillery units and many more troops of various types to teach your enemy a lesson!

Expand and Exterminate:
• Compete with real players for more territory, greater power and higher prestige.
• Build fortifications to keep invaders at bay.

Strategize to Win:
• Build and deploy your troops with heroes wisely. With a good strategy, you can defeat enemy troops much larger than yours in size!
• Outwit your enemy with intelligence and timing rather than brutal force.

Play with Global Players:
• Get to know friends with the same interest and ambition as yours in the alliance.
• Compete or cooperate with other alliances. Diplomacy or war, it’s up to you!
• Chat with players from all over the world without barrier anytime and anywhere.

-We Are Waiting For You!-
Childhood is unforgettable, and the toy world is irreplaceable. Join us in the toy world and it will be a better place with your participation!
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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Editors Notes
Expect to spend thousands of $$ and still feel like your underpowered. Hero system is horrible all gold dependant. 90% of what you need to succeed costs $$$ no building up without it. Even the packs are over priced. Very similar to warships and age of empires but quite a bit more costly.
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Changelog / What's New in
Update 2.3.01. New building layout2. New mail system interface3. Bug Killer rewards hero promotion materials instead of Files4. Daily Tactical Points output doubled5. Recruit Hero doesn't produce 3-star heroes any longer. It now produces 4-star heroes, 4-star hero fragments and Training Dummies.6. New way to use Speedups: tap to use one immediately, and tap and hold to stack-use.