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Here we provide Army Border War APK V 1.2 for Android 2.3.2+ STORYLINE
Neighbouring enemy has invaded your country with all its forces and from all frontiers. The legend heroes of the country are defending their beloved homeland. There are three war fronts in the game.
Enemy has invaded at your mountainous frontier of the country but your rangers are alert and fully alive. The frontline brave commando team is striving hard to stop the invasion and push the enemy forces back. There are total eight waves to complete.
Enemy forces has entered the city. With your modern weapons kill all the enemy soldiers clear your city. You can fire the missile as well as the machine gun. This mission also consists of eight waves.
The country’s most important war front are the frozen mountain regions where enemy is trying to dominate your army with the help of their air force. Here, the heroes have to face the air strike along with the ground attack. They are attacking with Tanks, army jeep, helicopter and fighter jets.
You have all necessary weapons like a heavy machine gun and a small sized missile launcher.
You have to blow the tanks with guided missiles, but the jeep, helicopter and warplane can be hit with any one of the weapons. The ammo is unlimited.
The fast action packed game will not let you breath and you will be feeling fighting a real war.
– Simple yet entertaining game play.
– Stunning cool graphics.
– Real war environment.
– Efficient weapon control.
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Very fun game, I'm addicted to this game, it is very interesting, it is worth the download.
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