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Alto’s Adventure is a 2D endless runner where you play with Alto and his friends, who try to ride down the steep hills of the Alps atop a snowboard. Along the way, you’ll find abandoned ruins, jump off cliffs, and rescue wild llamas.

Alto’s Adventure, developed by Toronto’s Snowman, is a visually captivating endless runner for the iOS. You play as Alto, a snowboarder whose llamas have escaped from your mountaintop cabin. Slide downhill as you recover each llama. Gameplay is straightforward. Tap on the screen at the right time to jump and avoid obstacles or slide on the line. Pick up coins and see how long you can last. Each level comes with three objectives to complete.

The controls in Alto’s Adventure are as simple as they are effective: just tap the screen to jump, and tap and hold to make the character spin in the air. This might be dangerous, but if you manage to land safely you can get a big boost.

Although the main goal in Alto’s Adventure is to get as far as possible, you can also try to complete a series of missions between games. There’s a total of 180 different missions that add some variety to the game, as well as five hidden characters you can unlock.

Without a doubt, the greatest thing about the game is its stunning graphics. Alto’s Adventure features an absolutely wonderful aesthetic, enhanced by its day and night cycle and its varied weather conditions. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this is probably one of the most beautiful games ever made for Android.

Alto’s Adventure is an outstanding game that combines an entertaining and addictive gameplay with almost magical graphics. Its soundtrack and sound effects also contribute to creating a sense of full immersion, which is why we suggest you wear headphones while playing this game.

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Editors Notes
The game features stunning graphics and sound. Gameplay is also easy to pick up and play. Each stage is randomly generated.
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Changelog / What's New in V1.3
Added Google Play Cloud Save! Just sign in to Google Play Games to have your progress be cloud saved - it will use the save with the longest play time. We also made video watching more data efficient (might cause videos to load slower - but will save your data).