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Here we provide Air Hockey 2 Players Online APK V v20.03 for Android 4.1+ Play vs your Facebook friends online anywhere, anytime! If you are feeling smug, yet cocky, beating your friends too ugly, people from all over the world may kick your ass badly in ladder games! Unique Rebirth mode offer TWO PADDLES to attack and defend MULTIPLE PUCKS. Win your game Title and share on Facebook! Will you be the next Air Hockey Grandmaster?


1) Facebook Integrated. Play vs Facebook friends or people from all over the world Real-Time Online anytime anywhere! Crush them for Ranking and Titles!

2) On server Elo rating and Title system for ladder multiplayer games.

3) Air Hockey 2 Players Online Game is supported by Amazon Cloud Servers (currently located at US West, Germany and Japan) demonstrating smoothest network for multiplayer games.

4) Unique 4 paddles multi glow pucks or 7 points classic game mode. Both available for 2 players multiplayer games online.

5) Self-adjusting AI strength for single player games as if you are playing with a learning human player with skill level close to you.

6) 9 languages available: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Japanese and Malaysian

7) Aesthetic Futuristic custom air hockey glow table skins at your choice. Glow pucks with motion trail and particles effect.

8) Instant load, high performance while extremely Battery Friendly. Very small app size.

Easy fun and time killing for all ages people, all weather! Keep in touch with your friends on Air Hockey 2 Players Online Game now!


How do I play with my friend?

You first "Host" a friend game and send a Facebook game request to your friend. Then your friend simply tap "Join" once received the game request. Smooth and easy but you need Facebook installed and a good network (less than 120 ms latency)


Rebirth Mode introduced non discrete pointing system. How to play?

* Target opponent's goal and smash it with pucks! Damage dealt increase exponentially with the puck velocity.

* Each player has TWO PADDLES to attack and defend MULTIPLE PUCKS on the air hockey table.

* 2 Players continuously lose HP for pucks in own court as penalty for camping people.

* First player lose all his HP lose the match.


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