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Dumbest game ever. Nothing works and no instructions. Finally figured some of it out, and it’s absurd. The designers should just go work at McDonalds Here we provide Age Of Stone: Survival V 1.09 for Android 4.1++ Age Of Stone is an Early Access survival game currently in development. Try to survive in this stylized world collecting essentials necessities like wood and rock. Explores caves, find minerals to melt them in a furnace and build advanced weapons and tools to survive the wild animals that live in the island.

Age Of Stone features:

• Craft
• Build
• Hunt
• Explore
• Smelt ores
• Day Night Cycle


This game currently in development, there may be some bugs. You can always write on e-mail about your problem and we will consider.
Mail: [email protected]
if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

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Editors Notes
Excellent game, did find a bug where my furnace started spilling, got back to my camp to the sight of a giant pile of items. Please fix this. Also, improve shadows. and shorten night time (it takes forever).
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Changelog / What's New in
Update Changelog:• added stairs• improved water• minor bug fixes!!now is possible to build multiple floors, you can rotate the stairs by clicking the rotate button when you equip the hammer!!