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3 things I’d like to see: 1st: the title of group leader should transfer to the next highest ranked player or a coleader within the group when the current group leader is inactive for an extended period. 2nd: an auto load out button that automatically picks the best characters in ur roster for the current board. 3rd: the diamond cost of rushing a clock should decrease in proportion to that clock, meaning, if it takes 10 diamonds to skip a 20min clock then when that clock is down to 10min it should only cost 5 diamonds to skip the remainder of the wait. Here we provide 🔥City of the Undead🔥 V 1.0.6 for Android 5.0++ City of the Undead is a doomsday survival RPG with realistic scenes, thrilling plots, and various characters.People see the warmness and ugliness in humanity through City of the Undead. To survive the doomsday, our main character will lead survivors through thick and thin for a deserted hotel. This hotel will be the stronghold from where players can explore unknown territory, accept stronger companions, expand regions, search for lost relatives and find out the truth of the doomsday.

[Realistic scenes] It displays the chaotic and gory scenes where the doomsday befalls and zombies besiege the fort.
[Thrilling fights] You need to fight one after another against the attack of zombies for more territory.
[Explore and Solve puzzles] Explore towns for clues, rescue the lost relatives and find out the truth about the doomsday.
[Survival Handbook] Collect a large sum of water and food as supplies in your stronghold to survive.
[Compete for resources] Fight against other players for limited survival resources.

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I really want to give this game higher ratings. However, the game is very unstable on my LG. Regular game crashes cost a ton of game energy. These crashes seem to have a chance to occur whenever a screen change or confirm button is hit. Very irritating. Also, the lockpicking mini-game jumps causing regular failures. Work on game stability so i can 5 star all my ratings. Addendum: Chat channel is now broken. Still experiencing unexpected crashes...which are costly. Lowering my ratings. Will avoid future games by this developer.
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Changelog / What's New in
Everyone Needs a Alliance: Our new alliance system has been created.Fight alone you may move faster, but fight together you can move further!New Survivors: We found new survivors to join in, go for them!New MODs: Tow new types of MODs dropping in the new stage of Challenge Mode, try it!Modified the way to craft quipment, more easier now;Modified the way to recruit survivors, more clearly;Modified the rewards for more difficult stages in the map(Elite&Hell);Interface optimization;